HOT-TUB 2017

Treat yourself with a bath in our HOT TUB .

We’ve got a super HOU TUB or Wilderness bath in luxury model with light and Jacuzzi bubble massage.

Our HOT TUB is placed in connection with the terrace, overlooking the fields. Here you can have a relaxing moment with time for yourself or invite the whole family and have a nice afternoon and evening with hot tub and maybe barbecue.

Our HOT TUB is wood-fired, so can have a envoi mental good conscience.
We can make sure it is hot and ready at the agreed time.
It takes 2-4 hours to heat it to 36 – 40 °C. But if there are kids with, they often think that the water is ready long before….

HOT tube is an 8 person and is suitable for up to 6 adult people.

Our HOT TUB must normally be booked the day before, so we can have it ready for you.

The practical:HOT TUB Hotel Rødby

  • You MUST take a quick shower before you jump in.
  • We use a little chlorine in the swimming pool.
  • Clothing is commonly swimwear or a clean pair of fashionable underwear.
  • People with weak heart should NOT use hot tubs .
  • Children MUST be supervised by adults.
  • Young children can not swim when the water temperature is above 36 ° C.

We offer different packages depending on what you want:  

Family  package. ( Must be ordered in advance )                                                                                                   DKK 249 , –

  • We make sure that the bath is ready for you at the requested time.
  • You have HOT TUB for yourselves in 3 hours.
  • 6 towels.

Luxury package. ( Must be ordered )                                                                                                                            DKK 499, –
We make sure that the bath is ready for you at the requested time.

  • 4 towels and 2 or 4 bathrobes.
  • We serve a bottle of ice-cold Champagne / Cava, Rose or 8 beers / coke.
  • You have HOT TUB for yourself for 3 hours from the agreed time.

One person ( Cannot be ordered )                                                                                                                               DKK 89 –
Sometimes we start the bath up if the weather is good or more guest like to baths.

  • You borrow an extra towel .
  • ” The Ticket” is valid for 3 hours.
  • Cannot be ordered in advance.